Ir. Nynke Jelles – Urban Designer, Architect – The Netherlands

Nynke Jelles is designer and all round adviser in urban design, urban planning, and architecture, and has over 20 years of experience in the these domains. She has a wide interest in the quest for quality of space and is well aware of the current developments in her discipline. It’s not surprising therefore that she worked on many different issues: structural visions, spatial plans, bridges, street plans, schoolyards, municipal guidelines and visions. The one time staying at the level of drafts and sketches, the other diving into detailed design and argumentation. Creativity goes together with integrity, objectivity, independence and a clear balance of interests.

After she took her Master of Science degree at Delft Technical University she worked at architect’s firms for eight years. Next, she joined Khandekar Urban Design and for eight worked there on town development and planning. In 2008 she founded Nynke Jelles Urban Design. In the meantime she did a course in Urban Interior Design, and received training in the legal aspects of urban planning. Her commissioners are, amongst others, property developers, municipalities, housing corporations, schools and various advisory bodies.