Ir. Klazien Haitjema – Coordinator Complex Urban Processes – The Netherlands

klazienKlazien Haitjema is an experienced spatial-planning consultant, specialised in giving strategic and process-related consultancy. One of her strong points is to bring the different stakeholders together in the process of complex urban (re)development. It is in this role, that she excels.
Not only is Klazien creative in organising a good team but also in charting out an efficient process in which the team-players excel individually, and the final result reflects optimal team effort.
From 2002 till 2014 Klazien worked as an Urban Planner / Associate with the well-known Dutch consultancy BDP.Khandekar. There she was responsible for leading complex urban processes which took many years to complete. Her role demanded vision, strategic thinking, flexibility and good communication.
In addition to her Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design/Planning, midway in her career Klazien completed a two year course on Urban Development and Real Estate Management.
Since early 2015, she has initiated her own consultancy Havik Advies, which deals with a broad range of issues related to urban development.